Lira Design System

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Lira Design System

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Design beautiful Interfaces faster

A most advanced UI design system that helps build interfaces easily. Based on nested symbols which minimize production.

Available for Sketch and Figma

View on Behance

Over 100 pre-made UI Components

Do not create UI elements for your projects from scratch. In the Lira Design System, all the necessary elements are ready to use.

1200+ Text Styles and 160+ Layer Styles

We have prepared all the necessary styles of texts and layers for any situation. You don't have to create new styles, use pre-designed styles and speed up your workflow.

Based on 8px Modular System and Atomic Structure

The Atomic Structure allows you to create components that can be easily modified to suit your needs, and the 8px modular system increases efficiency.

Key Features

Lira Design System allows you to save a lot of time when creating a new interface design because all you need to do is to use ready-made elements in your work. Start using Lira now.

  • Atomic Structure
  • Text and Layer Styles
  • Well Organized Layers
  • Simple and Clean Elements
  • Modular and Responsive
  • Easy to use
I want this!
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